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No One's Here To Sleep (Feat. Bastille) - Naughty Boy ft Bastille

Naught Boy ft. Bastille - No One’s Here to Sleep

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I used to have them [friends]. Used to watch football on Sundays. Went to church. I know I did. But I can’t picture it anymore. It’s funny how you don’t even notice the time go by. Horrible shit just stacks up day after day. Y o u  g e t  u s e d  t o  i t 

"You have to be content with who you are on a day-to-day basis."
- Rhona Mitra
"Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not."
- Deepak Chopra (via aurelle)
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“Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

No Sanctuary